Getting Help and Reporting Bugs#

The CIG forum has a category dedicated to CIG issues associated with PyLith. You can discuss PyLith, get help with installation, and more at

CIG uses GitHub for source control and bug tracking. If you find a bug in PyLith, please submit a bug report to the GitHub issue tracking system for PyLith geodynamics/pylith#issues. Of course, it is helpful to first check to see if someone else already submitted a report related to the issue; one of the CIG developers may have posted a work around to the problem. You can reply to a current issue by clicking on the issue title. To submit a new issue, click on the New Issue button.

When submitting a question about running a simulation, be sure to include the info:

  1. Indicate which PyLith version you are using along with whether you are using the binary, container, or building from source.

  2. Describe what you are trying to do

    • Overview of the problem and boundary conditions (diagrams are very helpful)

    • 2-D or 3-D

    • Cell type (tri, quad, hex, or tet)

    • Type of fault: prescribed slip or spontaneous rupture

  3. Attach the PyLith parameters .json file generated by running pylith or pylith_dumpparameters.

  4. Send the entire error message, not just what you think is important (entire log is best).